Picture Gallery
The White House and the Department of State
May 17, 2004

Read about Our Thirty Seconds of Fame


Our Thirty Seconds of Fame

Joan and Laura


Colin and Me



Morning at the White House
Joan at the East Entrance


John at the East Entrance


Seal of the President


George W's Dog


John & Joan in the Vermeil Room with Jackie


Joan in the Library


Joan & John in the Entrance Hall


The Orchestra in the Entrance Hall


The Cross Hall


Guarding the Valuables


John & Joan in the Blue Room


John in the Red Room


The State Dining Room


Better Duty at the White House than in Iraq


The East Room


Laura Gives Her Remarks




Joan & Laura


Portrait of Ronald Wilson Regan (1911-2004) at the White House



Afternoon at the Department of State

In the Ben Franklin Room at the State Department


The General Is In


The Receiving Line Orchestra at the State Department
JJ Conducts the Orchestra


JJ Introduces Colin Powell (just kidding)


Colin Gives His Remarks


Colin and Me


The Capitol from the State Department


The Lincoln Memorial from the State Department